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Up Close and Personal: Benefits of Professional Pet Grooming


Funny Dog Taking Bubble Bath

Although Austin’s average winter temperature isn’t on par with Bangor’s or Ketchikan’s, the seasonal shift from lots of sunshine to much less affects everyone – especially your four-legged friend. Besides less playtime outdoors, this dramatic decrease in daylight hours can also lead to excessive shedding. Sound like a hassle? Not to our resident professional pet groomers!

Boons of Pet Grooming

Aside from looking and feeling like a blue ribbon winner, your pet’s entire body receives a close inspection during one of our grooming sessions. Parasite prevention is a major component of overall wellness, and it’s common for a pet to harbor fleas or ticks. Medicated baths are also an option to manage and treat external parasites.

Your pet can be scheduled for pet grooming is a stand alone service or in conjunction with a wellness visit or overnight stay. Depending on his or her needs, we also offer the following services:

  • Baths (including the use of hypoallergenic or organic shampoo)
  • Coat trims
  • Attention to nails
  • Furminator

Talk About the Weather

We recommend your pet visit us every 4-6 weeks for a professional pet grooming session. During the winter, we recommend:

  • Increased visits if your pet has long hair or spends a lot of time outdoors
  • Increased nail trims
  • Thorough drying of your pet’s fur if he or she gets wet
  • Paw pads can get painfully dry or irritated and more care may be necessary during this time of year

Pet Grooming at Home

In addition to giving your vacuum or broom a day off, pet grooming at home allows for a special bonding opportunity between you and your pet. Plus, you may discover changes in your pet’s skin, coat, or body that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. If you ever see something abnormal, please let us know immediately.

Understanding Your Pet’s Coat

Good nutrition contributes to the luster of your pet’s coat, but regular bathing, brushing, and combing also enhance its sheen. Many pets have an insulating inner coat that sheds in the fall or spring and longer outer coats that can become tangled or matted. The more you groom your pet, the less he or she will shed, which can help you keep an eye on any potential problems.

Natural Instincts

Your pet does the best job he or she can, but sometimes, additional help is required. Pets leave our grooming station with an extra spring in their step, and we know the value of tending to the skin and coat. Whether you own a dog, cat, or senior pet, we can help your companion feel their absolute best. We look forward to discussing pet grooming or anything else your pet needs here at Westlake Animal Hospital!


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