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The ABCs Of New Puppy Care



Bringing home a new puppy is truly one of life’s great delights. While that soft fur, those playful nips, and their adorable puppy face can’t be beat, having a new puppy can be a surprising amount of work as well.

New puppies require extra feedings, extra potty breaks, extra wellness care, and a lot of training and supervision. Get your new puppy started off on the right paw with tips from your friends at Westlake Animal Hospital.

Getting Ready

Thoughtful preparations ahead of time can make the transition easier for both your puppy and your family. Make sure you’ve attended to the following details prior to bringing home your newest addition:

    • Make all the necessary purchases such as food and water bowls, life-stage appropriate food, leash and collar, identification tag, bed, and crate (if using).

  • Figure out where you’d like your pup to spend the most time during the first few months and make sure that area is “puppy proofed”. Safeguard the rest of your home as well by storing all food and chemicals out of reach and removing or securing anything you wouldn’t want puppy to chew on (think electrical cords, rugs, plants, shoes, small toys).
  • Discuss a puppy-care schedule with the rest of the family; who will be in charge of feedings, help with housetraining, walks, etc.?

Wellness Care For Your New Puppy

Regular wellness care is an important part of a dog’s life, from puppyhood to the golden years. Plan to bring your furry bundle of joy in to see us within the first few days so we can start his or her health care off on the right paw. At this first wellness visit you can expect to discuss the following areas of new puppy care with your veterinarian:

Vaccinations – Most puppies will need 3 to 4 sets of vaccines during their first year of life, and yearly boosters after that.

Deworming and parasite prevention – Your veterinarian will provide recommendations as to deworming protocols for your new pup as well as parasite preventative medications.

Spay/neuter – Having your puppy spayed or neutered is an important step toward reducing behavior problems and pet overpopulation. Your veterinarian will discuss these and other options with you.

The Importance Of Socialization And Training

In order for your puppy to grow into a happy and well-adjusted member of human society, training and socialization is necessary Westlake Animal Hospital offers a fantastic puppy preschool class, the perfect opportunity for socializing your new pet!

Ideally, your pup’s training and socialization experiences should begin as soon as he or she is fully vaccinated.

Set Your Schedule

Much like human children, puppies thrive on a set schedule of daily activities. By striving to feed, play with, and take your pup out for potty breaks at the same time each day, you are providing him or her with a much-needed sense of safety and security.

Your friends at Westlake Animal Hospital look forward to helping you get started on your journey toward raising a happy, healthy, adult dog. 


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